28. 06. – 11. 07. 2011,
apartment in 15 Kordunska Street, 5th floor, 0-24h

By removing the front door of the apartment I create a sensitive, vulnerable space. Private space merges with the public. The opening where the door used to be becomes at the same time a zone of one and a zone of many – but also the gateway to a short-term utopia where trust overcomes fear.

The performance is based on the history of the nationalization of private property, the transformation of private into public. But the focus is not on ownership, but on the intrusion into the private, on separation or unity (depending on the viewing angle), where two or more families (are forced to) live in one common area.

I will live in an apartment for ten days without a door. Anyone can enter the apartment at any time, whether I’m there or absent. After this, the apartment will remain open for another ten days, and traces of my short stay will stay, so that they may overlap and entangle with the traces of the passersby.

07 from ivan slipcevic on Vimeo.

Interventions/gifts/traces of the Gap’s passersby. Foto: Dušica Dražić 

First night in Gap. Foto: Damir Žižić


Dušica Dražić

Dušica Dražić (1979, SRB) is an artist and independent curator, born in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) where she loosely resides at the moment. Lately Dražić became more interested in the mutual feedback between a surrounding and its inhabitant, as well as in their instability. Dražić searches for spaces with no laws, spaces of irregularity, difference, flexibility and the intuition that makes up the invisible parts of a town but which are marked by the traces that passers-by leave behind. The mediums Dražić uses are installation, photography and performance with a small in-between-accent on (their) impermanency.