1 Ilica Street

I create performance journeys in which I search for the locations and authors of various YouTube videos being produced in cities, which I find by exploiting the locative data which accompanies each video when it is put online. I use this information to spin a multi-threaded narrative that demonstrates the endless possible links between each inhabitant’s stories and paths through the city and with the World Wide Web. For the Urban Festival I am using on-site research carried out in June, 2011 when I visited Zagreb to develop a lecture performance which will be presented during the Urban Festival at a public location. The lecture will be followed by an urban seminar which will take place in different private and public locations around Zagreb. This one day event will be led by some of the city’s inhabitants that I had met through YouTube who will cover topics that are relevant to their fields of interest.

Michelle Teran

Michelle Teran (1966, CAN) was born in Canada. She explores the interaction between media and social networks in urban environments. In her work she looks at different aspects of how urban space is defined, occupied and manipulated by media. She has a socially and site-specifically engaged practice, focusing mostly on the staging of urban interventions and performances such as guided tours, discussions, walks and open-air projections as well as participatory installations and happenings. Her projects such as Life: A User’s Manual and Buscando al Sr. Goodbar are internationally known and have garnered several prestigious awards. She is currently a research fellow at the National Academy of Art in Bergen (KHIB). She lives and works between Bergen and Berlin.