Draft proposal for the public elementary school with musical accompaniment
The curriculum is in the making, a list of academic subjects is in progress
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Compulsory subject: Collective Drumming 1

The curriculum is divided, for the time being, into two main categories:

1. Study Groups with the Right to Incompetence are groups that together explore, questions and learn about a certain subject area. The aim is not to acquire a definite, measurable knowledge, nor to yield a certain measurable result, but to cooperatively explore joint interests. There is no ‘leader’ and ‘the led’ hierarchy, instead the work plan is formed collectively.

For the time being, the following Study Groups with the Right to Incompetence potentially exist:

Group exploring the link between the presentation of self in a public and media mediated sphere (thinking about Sennet – The disappearance of a public man, as Womanliness Masquerade)

⦿ Group studying the potential of recycling
⦿ Group for plants, medicines, herbal medicines and nature in general
⦿ Group for socialization
⦿ Group to explore the world as the physical phenomenon and film / stage uses
⦿ Group researching the global economic system
⦿ Group on “How to be an artist?”
⦿ Group “Synthetic re-combination to accelerate the rate of becoming foreign – Optimization of rates of eccentricity” (K. Eshun-More Brilliant than the Sun)
⦿ fictionalization of fragments of identity through sound and music, the group will read / think about afrofuturism, electronic music and live sound
⦿ Interactive Group researching the states and motion: Physics / Biology / Energetics: energy of the human body and how it operates under the laws of physics.


Implementation Plan:

Study Groups with the Right to Incompetence: everyone can suggest a topic and take over the coordination of the group, agree on the class materials – texts, films, images etc.

It is not necessary to hire an expert but to gather a group of interested people who can together explore a certain topic or field. Of course, those who have greater experience in a certain field are also welcome.

Before beginning with work, the group can agree which materials it would like to use – texts, films, visual materials etc.

NOTE: For the purposes of the study groups, in agreement with the School Administration, it is possible to translate the compulsory literature into Croatian and provide the work materials.

Exam enrolment is validated in the School Registry.

Those interested in creating a school seal should contact the Office of the Vice Dean for Education.

2. Study Needs with the Need for Experts – can be individual exchanges of skills or exchanges within areas of study.

⦿ Learn to DIY
⦿ Learn an instrument
⦿ Learn a language
⦿ Learn to crochet
⦿ Learn to roller skate
⦿ Learn shiatsu massage
⦿ Learn the basics of yoga
⦿ Learn a song on a bass guitar – e.g. Queen, Another One Bites the Dust
⦿ Basics of harmony
⦿ Singing
⦿ Mandarin
⦿ Puppet making for animation

Implementation Plan:

The times and format of the classes will be agreed directly, class can be individual or group, depending on the expert.

(If an expert for exchanging knowledge cannot be found and the interest is overwhelming, and an agreement is reached regarding the identity of the expert, there is a possibility of an exchange with payment.)

Operational plan:

Offer: Demand:
Crocheting Akro yoga
Roller skating Crocheting
Puppet making for animation DIY
Shiatsu massage Singing
Yoga basics Basics of harmony
Tourism Bass guitar
Stars and the Solar System
  Bee keeping


Nicole Hewitt

Nicole Hewitt (965, HR) lives and works in Zagreb and London. She studied Expressive Arts at Brighton University, graduated in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Art where she is currently completing her research studies.

She works with film, text and performance. Her recent works are concerned with rehearsal, performance and recitation. She teaches at the Department of Animation and New Media, at the Art Academy of Zagreb , and in the Visual Cultures Department at Goldsmiths, she organises many workshops, exchanges and exhibitions in Croatia (Protokol 1- 5, Tip 1-3, Artikulacije) and is involved in the research art group Centrifugal (Helsinki, Belfast, Zagreb, London, Pristina).