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7 Days of Creation
14. 08. – 20. 08. 2011,

Seven Days of Creation and UrbanFestival share many common interests and goals, despite operating in different environments. Seven Days of Creation is a festival which was held in 2004 and 2005 in Poreč, and from 2006 to today the festival holds its activities every August in Pazin. The basic concept of the project is a dynamic and flexible creative communication, which is based on the exchange of experiences, insights and knowledge, within the very extensive and multilayered affected cultural structure of Istria. The program consists of workshops and an art colony, lectures, panel discussions and open forums as well as the promotion and presentation of artists and their works.

Like the name suggests, over the course of seven days of working and exchanging ideas, the participants of the festival have the opportunity to learn, create and present their own ideas through interdisciplinary workshops focused on theatre/ performance, photography, music, new medias, etc. The project is intended for the development of cultural production, and its promotion and education is implemented by the organizations “Big small person” from Pazin and “I”, the production of contemporary art from Poreč, who are also together the authors of the project.

The collaboration established between the two festivals is aimed at the exchange of experiences from and within two culturally, socially and spatially different contexts. The UrbanFestival, while operating from Zagreb, which perceives itself and insists upon being a centre of cultural happenings, will present its own operation as part of the Seven Days of Creation program in Pazin in August, while in October the roles will be reversed – Seven Days of Creation will present their activities as part of the UrbanFestival in Zagreb.

Moreover, the UrbanFestival team, as guest curators in the framework of Seven Days of Creation, will produce a new site-specific work by the French artist Clemence Agnez. The project will be presented in the program of the UrbanFestival in October, Zagreb.