On buildings and people: Angela Schanelec and Heinz Emigholz
7., 8. and 9. 10.
Cinema Grič, 21:00 h

The cinema of German director, Angela Schanelec emphatically revolves around city life. Places in Cities (which is the title of her second feature film) shows areas of meeting and spliting. At first glance, the reduced dramaturgical framework of Schanelec’s movies, seems harsh and affected, until it enters into its cinematic space in which spaces and cities become equal actors in the plot, which are much more than an atmospheric supplement to the basic narrative line. The psycho-geographical Cinema Schanelec choreographs on a micro-level, drawing noticeable elements of the anonymity of their everyday into a complex space of interactions between characters, characters and places, and places with places.

Marseille and Orly are two film counterparts, as the author herself points out when talking about the emergence of these films. In Marseille, we are in two cities (Berlin and Marseille), following the unrealized and unrequited love of a young photographer, while Orly is a study in film of a paradigmatic (non)place – Paris airport – and the characters who reside in the airport in a moment of in-between-space of transit.

There are few filmmakers whose work so intensely deals with architecture, as is the case with German director Heinz Emigholz. At UrbanFestival there will be the chance to see thirteen pieces from his series Photography and beyond (Photographie und Jenseits), which is dedicated to the emblematic architects of modernity. The aim is to show architecture as an autobiography, and this Emigholz achieves by means of experimental, structural cinema – where by making buildings and interiors the only heroes of his works, the director plays with the conventions of film and painting (film plastics, which are neither still lifes, nor tableaux vivants). In Loos Ornamental Emigholz in 28 buildings lists the life and work of Adolf Loos, whose practice and thinking strongly influenced the architecture of the twentieth century.

Marseille (Germany, 2004 /94 min /35mm)
Director and Screenwriter: Angela Schanelec
Camera: Reinshold Vorshneider
Cast: Maren Eggert, Alexis Loret, Marie-Lou Sellem and Devid Striesow


Orly (Germany/ France, 2010 /84min /35mm)
Director and Screenwriter: Angela Schalenec
Camera: Reinhold Vorschneider
Cast: Maren Eggert, Bruno Todeschini, Natacha Régnier, Mireille Perrier, Emile Berling, Josse De Pauw (and others)

*Marseille and Orly are to be shown with English subtitles

Loos Ornamental (Germany, 2008/ 72 min/ 35mm)
Director, Camera, Editor: Heinz Emigholz

production: Visual course by Multimedia Institute and [BLOK]
concept and coordination: Petar Milat
technical assistance: Slobodan Alavanja

This project has been realised with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Croatian Audiovisual Center and the City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport