ŽELJKA BLAKŠIĆ – Whisper – Talk – Sing – Scream


phase 1 – WhisperTalkSingScream

Originating from the need to reflect upon the current political and social situation in Croatia, especially considering the increasingly frequent social protests during the past two years, the collaborative project with the working title Whisper – Talk – Sing – Scream seeks to create a temporary monument to civic courage and energy. It consists of four main components: a website, a mobile sculpture for city squares, a performance, and a CD. In phase 1, I am creating a website, where I record my process of studying protest songs over a period of several months. Together with various activists and artists, I work on the lyrics in order to create songs-stories that talk about the workers’ rights, spatial policies, struggle for free education, and cyclists. In the later phases, these songs will be performed according to certain rules on a specially constructed mobile platform, intended to create a temporary zone of free speech on various city squares. Visit WhisperTalkSingScream

Željka Blakšić, a.k.a. Gita Blak (1982, HR) is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. In her work, she consistently investigates commemorative practices, the culture of remembrance and thus related identities through complex interrelationships between dysfunctions, impossibilities and absurdities. Exploring possibilities and peripheral areas of different media, often combining sound, video and performance, her works translate into complex audio-visual systems. Her artistic career began early in adolescence, in the field of music, and she continues to nurture it through performances with musicians in experimental music and visual appearances. In 2010 she won the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award and and recently exhibited her work at Art Gallery of SESI in Sao Paolo (Brazil), The Kitchen and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York. www.gitablak.com