ALBAN MUJA – Blue Wall Red Door

Video, DVD PAL 16:9, 32′ 44”

Blue Wall Red Door is a portrait of contemporary Priština sketched on the relationship between personal and collective memory. City has experienced numerous renamings of its streets during the transformation of the semantic universe of Kosovo’s society which resulted with the invasion of numerous individual pictorial poetics into public spaces. The painted doors and walls of houses are the only sure signposts in getting around the city, and they also serve as signs of a kind of humorous resistance to the official nomenclature and its service to political needs and functions of power.

Alban Muja (1980, KOS) is a Kosovo-based visual artist. His works cover a wide range of media including video installations, short films, documentary films, drawings, paintings and performances, and have been exhibited extensively at international exhibitions, festivals and shows, including personal presentations. Mostly influenced by the social and political transformation processes in Kosovo and the surrounding region, he investigates history and socio-political themes and links them to his position in Kosovo today. His recent solo exhibitions incude: From East to the Southwest – able Kulturverein, Berlin, Germany, 2010; All Around – Galerija SIZ, Rijeka, 2009; I – Scream – Free Your Mind‘, Gray Area, Area for Contemporary Art and Media, Korčula, Croatia, 2007. He lives and works in Prishtina, XK.