Urban Festival is the project with basic tendency to infiltrate artistic activity into urban life, intensify the communication between the inhabitants and the city with its infrastructure.

Urban Festival 2003 is divided into three sections: ad hoc 1 (4 -10 July), ad hoc 2 (4 - 10 October) and ad hoc 3 (17 - 23 December), dealing with the following:

The city is a process of coexistence and co functioning of the incalculable multitude of ad hoc collectives and the calculable multitude of institutionalised collectives.

Ad hoc collectives are momentary communities that (self)generate, while one of their important characteristics is instability, or momentary stability.

Ad hoc collectives are ever and omni-possible processes. Among others, they can be diagnosed in the following places that present the contextual frame of artistic works:

Ad hoc 1
Transit - tram stop, bus stop, station.

Ad hoc 2
Fun, culture, sport - club, discotheque, café, sports centre, cinema, theatre..

Ad hoc 3
Consumption - market, shop, supermarket, stand, second hand market, shopping centre.
Care - hospital, old people's home, homeless asylum, orphanage, jail, public kitchen.