Urban Festival is a multimedia project comprising performances, art installations and urban interventions by performing and visual artists. The project is based on the modern concept of art as a social component that tries to communicate actively with the urban population.

The artists are offered to use completely the urban infrastructure: streets, squares, buildings, municipal and traffic network, etc. Performances and installations which enable an urban viewer to act individually, according to one's own artistic and living experiences, are chosen. By doing this, we aim to draw awareness to the issues of urban and citizen's environment. The Festival will draw together artists who are trying to change the urban landscape and human behavior patterns in it. During the festival week the city structure will acquire a new dimension - a city upon a city.

The Urban Festival project consists of a presentation of performing and visual art projects and art workshops with a number of artists who will create during several gatherings works that will refer to various city structure issues.

The Festival, which is location-disintegrated by its concept, is at the same time temporally discentered and thusly more open towards an interaction. It is our opinion that such an approach points to the new means of artistic reception, demystifying it and making it more accessible to the "common" citizen.

Trying to avoid the statical city images, considering the city as a process, in the first two phases we offer the artists those locations which we find interesting, marginalized, excluding, dislocated, neuralgic places of our city. This is where an idea emerges, an idea of small city interventions (performances and installations) of the artists creating in Zagreb and on Zagreb, or simply adjusting their work to the specificum of the place and the socio-cultural context. This idea also explains our step towards the city margins, suburbia, negative spaces, and the zones of disruption.

The last phase is somewhat different - it encompasses mostly presentations of the projects, lectures and discussions dealing with urban cultures and city life. It is the place of meeting and disjoining, visions and revisions. Besides the theoretical part it brings also the "Domestic tour". It is a mutation of the tourist tour, which connects the cultural and historical must-sees into a firm network, offering them to the visitor as the closed and indisputable integrity, gives a different view of the city. It doesn't make statements - it poses questions and opens new possibilities.