UrbanFestival 13
public screening
12.6., 8 pm, Trg Narodne zaštite

Hood Cinema – Remetinec


Exploring the function of a polycentrically organized cultural production in the city, the Hood Cinema project, after Trešnjevka and Dubrava, has now come to Remetinec, to the National Defence Square. This public area, now crammed with disused cars, has completely lost the character of a meeting point that it once had. By temporarily transforming it into an open-air cinema theatre, we are suggesting a different use and experience of this space, affirming the square as a place of socialization. Thereby the format of a cinema theatre is an overt reference to the former Remetinec cinema, closed down only a few years after its inauguration. Although there is a cinema theatre in today’s Remetinec, it is part of a shopping mall and as such not really perceived as a “hood cinema.” Therefore, we have organized a free viewing, open for all, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre Novi Zagreb as the main agent of cultural production in and for the neighbourhood. It is not by chance that the film and the subsequent panel talk discuss the issues of neighbourhoods and housing: it is the feature film Živi bili pa vidjeli (That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles, directed by B. Gamulin and M. Puhlovski, 1979), which speaks of the housing issues in the context of socialism, when the housing development Remetinec was built as the first district of Novi Zagreb. It is for this reason that we have chosen the locality to open a discussion on life in the privatized city of today and the possibility of choosing different housing policies. Iva Marčetić and Antun Sevšek from the initiative Right to the City will give an introduction to the film viewing.
The project has been realized in cooperation with Anita Zlomislić, curator at the Vladimir Bužančić Gallery, and sponsored by the Cultural Centre Novi Zagreb.

Thank you: Zagreb Film, MO Remetinec, and Srđan Kovačević.