UrbanFestival 13
6.9. at 12h, crossing of Jurišićeva and Petrinjska Street
7.9. at 12h, Dolac
10.9. at 12h, Varšavska Street
12.9. at 12h, Kvaternikov Square
14.9. at 12h, Stari Plac, Dubrava

Whisper, talk, sing, scream

Željka Blakšić

Exploring the ways in which class and gender divisions in the society can be articulated by means of music, the artist collaborates with local activists, independent journalists, and artists in order to compose protest songs disclosing the minority positions in the society. In her piece Whisper, Talk, Sing, Scream, she endorses various aspects of the same struggle – including disfranchised workers, young people who have lost their right to education, and persons who do not fit the heterosexual normativity – using music for new waves of mobilization and for expanding the horizon of political struggle. In a performance using the form of childplay and children’s song, girls aged 10-12 perform in public space, breaking the common stereotypes according to which children are unable to grasp what goes on in their surrounding and girls should conform to the traditionally  female (pre)occupations, linked to the private, never to the public sphere. The artistic procedure in which the weak – children, moreover girls – represent the weak, manifested in the choice of subject, form, and the performers, subverts the usual positions, tackling the issues of the established yet often invisible mechanisms of dominant ideology to which the youngest members of the society are permanently exposed. The performance also has an outspoken educational character, since the  preparation process involves girls with a different view of the society, in which various forms of repression are publicly condemned. In this way, the artist promotes equality and encourages public participation in making decisions concerning public issues.

Collaborators: Barbara Matejčić, Petra, Marko Pogačar, Selma Banich, Crvena akcija, Hrvoje Jurić, Marko Marković, Adam Semijalac, Vlatka Blakšić
Drama teacher: Maja Katić
Music advisor: Igor Lumpert
Design: Vlatka Blakšić
collaboration with: Dubrava Children’s Theater
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Željka Blakšić, a.k.a. Gita Blak (1982, HR) is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. In her work, she consistently investigates commemorative practices, the culture of remembrance and thus related identities through complex interrelationships between dysfunctions, impossibilities and absurdities. Exploring possibilities and peripheral areas of different media, often combining sound, video and performance, her

works translate into complex audio-visual systems. Her artistic career began early in adolescence, in the field of music, and she continues to nurture it through performances with musicians in experimental music and visual appearances. In 2010 she won the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award and and recently exhibited her work at Art Gallery of SESI in Sao Paolo (Brazil), The Kitchen and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York.