UrbanFestival 13
Franjo Tuđman Square

Monument to protest

Marko Marković

““Monument to Protest” is an action in which a monument is erected to the “common man” and to all those who understand the importance of fighting for one’s own rights and the rights of others. It is dedicated to all those brave women, men, young and old, who raise their voice and occupy the streets. This living monument is intended to encourage people to get actively involved against the repressive measures of the apparatus in power. The action is a sort of invitation to self-organized resistance. Our duty is to draw attention to irregularities and social issues, to suggest solutions and to demand answers. It is our responsibility and our duty to resist economic inequality, class differences, intolerance, and other repressive forms and measures imposed by the ruling structures.” M.M.

Marko Marković, born in Osijek, graduated in 2007 at the Art Academy in Split. He explores different media, video, installation, ambient, performance and happening, and often includes in his work the audience, treating their participation as a means of expression.He is the founder and member of flexible formation Adistia, a group of people that operates in performance activities, as an art group, art community, or organization. He participated in numerous exhibitions,

workshops and festivals in Croatia and abroad.He is organizer of a performance festival named Days of Open Performance, DOPUST, in Split.  He is front man in performative punk/ noise/ electro band Ilija i zrno žita (Elijah And The Grain). 2011 awarded for best young Visual artist in Croatia with award Radoslav Putar; member YVAA- Young Visual Artist Award.