Davor Sanvincenti (HR)

Musical handrail

urban intervention
Zakmardijeve stube
throughout the duration of the festival

The project deals with acting in the historical center of Zagreb. Its focus is the activation of social-communicational aspects which this space has been lacking for quite some time.

Note, tone, melody, harmony.

The musical handrail connects the temporal and spatial distances, it travels the paths of remembrance of the pleasant moments which the visitor of Upper Town could experience in the past (e.g. in the time of the popular Music Pavilion on Strossmayer’s Promenade). The specificity of the location of the railing, the passageway or promenade, connects and creates intimate scenography inspirative to every visitor, who becomes both the sender and receiver of such stimulations. The liberating note/melody which arises from the work widens the spectre of the new social encounter, it activates and revitalizes the social-spatial ambient.
It is time for the harmony of exchange.

Composed in collaboration with Ivan Arnold.

Bio Davor Sanvincenti (1979.) is a multimedia artist who questions different states and shapes of human senses and perception in his works. His activity enters into the scientific and artistic spheres, and it incompasses three media: audiovisual installations (physical or interactive), spatial interventions in the urban tissue, and „live“ media (audiovisual performances and concerts). Sanvincenti explores aesthetical and qualitative capabilities of different media as direct communication with the spectator, whose cognitive and emotional maps the author seeks to discover and broaden through interaction. The spectator is thus immersed into the perceptive sceneries and becomes an inevitable part of the work, the reflecting contemplative-physical structure, an active presence in time and space. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, the European Institute for Design in Milan, the Brera Art Academy in Milan, and the Electro-Acoustic Information Center Argon in Milan. He received numerous awards for his work.