Verica Kovačevska (FYROM)


participative performance
Lotrščak Tower, Upper Town streets
Saturday, 2.10., 18.00 h

POWER TOWER examines the tension between control and protection inherent in the concept of surveillance by referring to the past and present of Upper Town: the defensive role of the city walls and the controlling function of the Lotrščak Tower, and the contemporary network of surveillance cameras and control on the capillary level. The audience participating in the performance is situated on the belvedere of the Lotrščak Tower where it responds to the artist’s instructions, simultaneously protecting and controlling her movement through the Upper Town streets.

Bio In her work, Verica Kovačevska (1982.) explores public city spaces and the ways of action they potentiate. She expresses herself through performance, sculpture, and installation, frequently using new technologies which enable networking of various participants, who are an active element of the work, and of the multiple spaces where the work is simultaneously taking place. Her approach transgresses the narrow circle of expert audience and the protected sphere of the museum and gallery institutions.
She took part in many international exhibitions and festivals, such as ‘Beograd: Nemesta’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (2009.); ‘This Is Not A Gateway Festival’, Hanbury Hall, London (2009.); ‘ re.act.feminism – Performance Art of the 1960’s and ‘70s Today’ Akademie der Künste, Berlin (2008.); ‘Liquid Cities’, Micro Museum, New York (2008); Everyday Art, The Art of the Everyday, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (2006,solo.); ‘Surely We Will Be Confused’, Ex-Ticosa, Como (2004.). She graduated in 2004 in BA (Hons) Visual Art with Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth, and received her MPhil in Arts, Culture and Education from the University of Cambridge in 2007. Currently she lives and works in Zürich.