Siniša Labrović (HR)


Markov trg
Friday, 1.10., 12 h

This year’s UrbanFestival 10 has Zagreb’s Upper Town both as its topic and location. It is a space of great symbolic, cultural, and political significance. It is also the space of the contemporary political power, the place where the legislative, executive, and judicial power of the Republic of Croatia – the Parliament, the Government, and the Constitutional Court – are located. These institutions have a great impact on the life of every citizen of the Republic of Croatia. The strong presence of the police and the great number of surveillance cameras in Gornji grad are understandable, as is the lack of urban events and everyday liveliness. The exclusivity of that space has been increased by the Law on Public Gathering which prohibits the citizens to gather within the distance of one hundred meter from the Parliament, Government, and Constitutional Court buildings, as well as the offices of the President. The Law is popularly known as the Markov Square public gathering ban. Because of my good intention to soften the exclusivity of the place, because of the relentless hope that I will intensify the feeling and the awareness that the mentioned institutions and power belong to each and every one of us, that they are yours, mine, ours, and also because of the platonic love and deep respect I feel for all the institutions situated on Markov Square and in its neighborhood, as well as because of the tender desire to make UrbanFestival feel at home in the space of Gornji grad, I will do a performance called „Marking“ on the Markov Square at the opening of UrbanFestival.

Bio Siniša Labrović. Born in Sinj on February 12, 1965. Everything that happened afterwards is true. You can ask anyone and they will confirm.